Join us online or in person for our Small Works at Frameworks show! Multiple artists,
multiple styles, all sizes of work 12x12 or smaller. 

This show runs from Sept 26-Nov 7th. 

Artists include: Anthony Brenny, Bob Upton, Christine Tierney, Colleen Cosgrove,
Jack Dant, Jackson Duin, Jan Hutchinson, Jeanne Long, Kimberly Tschida Petters,
Mandy Madsen, Nell Nordlie, Rita Beyer Corrigan, Susan Solomon, Stuart Loughridge,
Sydney Hintz, and Tracie Thompson. 

Due to Covid, there will not be a reception for this event. All pieces will be available for
sale online at beginning September 26th through
November 7th. You may also visit the gallery in person, mask required. We continue
to take precautions to protect our employees and customers, including masks, disinfecting
throughout the day and after each customer, hand washing and limiting the number
of people in the gallery. 

Location: 2022A Ford Parkway, St. Paul at the corner of Ford & Cleveland

Questions? Call 651-698-3372

We thank you for your continued support of our local business and local art!

Aug 15th-Sept 19th (FB won't allow an event more than two weeks)
Rita’s journey to Iceland began with an offer from her youngest daughter to meet in Iceland for an adventure. Upon their arrival they found waterfalls everywhere, flowing into lakes and streams that dotted the landscape. Towering mountains were covered with fog as the setting sun pierced the veil covering. The dark mountainous shapes were accented by the unbelievable skies both day and night. Every bend in the road revealed a new view demanding attention. 
This landscape spoke to Rita on an elemental level. Its message was emotionally charged, with breath-taking images at every turn. Rita shot thousands of photos as she experienced this new landscape. On her return some of those photos led the way as she painted her experiences, revealing themselves here in her paintings. 
Rita hopes you will find the magic of her Iceland Experience in every painting she is sharing with you in this exhibit.

Rita graduated with Art degrees from the College of St. Benedict and Iowa State University, Iowa City, IA. She taught for 25 years at St. Joseph School in Rosemount before retiring and dedicating her time to painting, gardening, and travel.


Marty Owings & Kurt Schulzetenberg

Join us for the opening of artists Marty Owings and Kurt Schulzetenberg Saturday March 7th 7pm to 9pm with free food, drinks and live music by Alex Tulp. 

Marjorie Moody

The Art of Marjorie Moody

Please join us for the artist reception of Marjorie Moody on
Saturday January 18th from 7pm-9pm.
Refreshments will be served; this is a free event, open to the public.
Show runs January 11th-February 29th.

About the Artist
Marjorie Moody was born and raised in California and has lived in St. Paul, MN with her husband/photographer Michael J. Zaccardi since 1976. Besides painting her passions include travel, gardening and playing piano. Her main concerns in painting are color, mood, rhythm and spontaneity. Marjorie likes to paint on location in watercolor and oils, and works in the studio on larger canvases in a fairly loose, expressionistic style. Her subject matter reflects her inner life and response to her surroundings. Beautiful melodies, luminous colors and peaceful surroundings are close to her heart and she tries to capture these feelings and experiences on canvas. Her paintings are an affirmation of life, joy, freedom, beauty and peace.

Marjorie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, summa cum laude, from the University of Minnesota. She has had solo exhibitions nationally and internationally. Her work in is private collections throughout the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Canada and Italy.

Painting is a process of self discovery. Music, nature, dreams and the subconscious all play a part in the formation of my work. My main concerns in painting are color, mood, rhythm and spontaneity. Painting initially from the subconscious, images begin to emerge and I manipulate them until I am satisfied with the forms and composition. I work intuitively and intentionally flowing between abstraction and realism with color harmonies being the most dominant element. - Marjorie Moody

Browse our gallery for treasures by local artists including:
Stuart Loughridge  *  Colleen Cosgrove  *  Robin Bitzegaio  *  Susan Solomon  *  Larry Ehrlich  *  Gerie Thelen  *  Kelly Thielen  *  Iconic Quilling  *  Jane Weis  *  Michelle Silverman  *  Josie Geiger  *  Tracie Thompson  *  and more...

Heather Friedli "One In The Land"

Please join us for the art opening of “One in the Land” featuring painter Heather Friedli!

Heather Friedli is best known for her abstract impressionist oil paintings, depicting her family heritage and the land in which she lives. Bold brush strokes and brilliant colors light up scenes of cloudscapes, water, trees, and native plants. Many pieces are created in the context of her wilderness adventures; she often brings her paints outdoors to create work that shares with the viewer her experience of immersion
in the landscape. Within these colorful works, Heather explores the spiritual world through the lens of culture and lived experience of place. Heather’s work is creative, soulful, bold, and powerful.

Friedli’s show “One in the Land” is an effort to synthesize her love and experience in the natural world, and wilderness adventure travel. Those experiences, being out in the world seeing the beauty and power of nature are represented in both large and small scale paintings. She paints with a passion for the land, looking around and internalizing the colors and expressing them onto canvas. Her work is not only an expression of what she sees, but also becomes a physical dance with her painting. The movement and rhythms in these works are her own unique experience with the land around her.

Show runs Nov 9th to Jan 4th, 2020

Free, open to the public, food and beverages, we hope to see you!

Minnesota Artists Association Fall Juried Show 2019

Please join us for the MAA's Fall Juried Show Opening Reception on Saturday October 5th from 7pm-9pm!

2022A Ford Parkway, St. Paul
Free and Open to the Public
Food and Beverages Provided
Meet the Artists

During the Great Depression there were no jobs, no Social Security, no unemployment benefits, bread lines...and very little support for artists. On April 14, 1937, a heady group of artists decided to pool their energies and help one another. They formed a group where they could discuss their problems, gain encouragement to go on, and keep their spirits alive by communicating about a topic that was their life: ART.

​The Minnesota Artist's Association is one of the original art organizations in Minnesota. It remains to this day an all inclusive organization which shows works in all media: Sculpture, oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, pastel, and collage as well as drawing, graphic work and photography.

We look forward to seeing you!
Mandy, Sydney, Tristan, Tracie, Emily and Caroline